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Listed on the Mainboard of Singapore Exchange, The Place Holdings Limited (previously known as “Eucon Holding Limited”) (“The Place” or “the Group”) is an investment holding company whose portfolio coverage will include investing, developing and managing of Media-related businesses.

The Group’s business activities currently includes provision of comprehensive branding strategy, planning and organizing of corporate events, exhibitions, and other large-scale events.

The Group is expanding through growing existing media business and acquiring media-related businesses with high growth potential.

On 28 December 2016, the Group entered into an agreement to acquire Beijing Vast Universe Cultural Communications Co., Ltd, marking the Group’s first step into Media-related business.

On 30 December 2016, the Group entered into an agreement to dispose the entirety of the Group’s existing PCB business.

On 25 May 2017, the Group changed its name to The Place Holdings Limited.